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What is Physician Practice Goodwill?

When it comes to buying or selling a physician practice, understanding the concept of Goodwill is crucial. Goodwill is an intangible asset that represents the value of a business beyond its tangible assets, such as equipment and real estate. In the context of a physician practice, Goodwill typically refers to the reputation, relationships, and patient base of the practice. In a physician practice transaction, the buyer is likely willing to pay for the Goodwill of the practice in addition to its tangible assets. This expectation is because the Goodwill can be a significant driver of future revenue for the practice. For example, a practice with a strong reputation and loyal patient base can likely generate more revenue than a similar practice without those qualities. However, there are some important considerations when it comes to paying for Goodwill in a physician practice transaction. First, the amount of Goodwill that can be paid for may be limited by federal and state regulations. In particular, the Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Statute prohibit payments that may be seen as a reward for referrals, which can include payments for Goodwill. Because Goodwill is the difference between the overall value and the sum of its identified assets, the determination of overall value must be specified in a manner that is consistent with the regulatory definition of Fair Market Value and not using methodology that considers the value or volume of referrals. Second, the parties involved in the transaction should carefully consider how the Goodwill will be valued. Unlike tangible assets, Goodwill is not easily quantifiable, and its value may be subjective. It's important to work with a qualified appraiser who can help determine a fair value for the Goodwill. Remember that paying for Goodwill is not always necessary or appropriate. In some cases, the buyer may be able to build Goodwill on their own through their own efforts and investments. Every transaction is different and not all situations justify paying for the Goodwill. In summary, understanding the concept of Goodwill and its value in a physician practice transaction is important for both buyers and sellers. While paying for Goodwill can be a legitimate part of the transaction, it's important to carefully consider the legal and financial implications and work with qualified professionals. At Seacap, we have helped physicians, and their advisors, successfully navigate business transactions, employment agreements, and a variety of other contractual obligations so that their value is maximized while being compliant with regulations. If your organization needs help navigating a physician practice valuation or transaction, contact us. We’re here to help.


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